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you'rewatching abc2 news, the station that works for you. now abc2 news at 11:00 a police officer trainee shot in the head during a training exercise. . >> they was kind of person that you would want to team up with o' to finish projects with. >> but tonight heez dead. accused of trying to kill his roommate. >> and we're tracking a new wintry system, where it will hit. >> and a body has been removed from i burning cabin in big bear california and police think it's christopher dorner. >> we begin with breaking news. it was a breaking story that you first heard about o' on our mobile app. >> a blifr trainee shot during a training exercise. >> christian schaefer is live at shock trauma tonight where the auflser is resting after surgery. >> police and doctors here a- at shock trauma just wrapped up
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a news conference. a-what waelearned is that trainee works for the university of maryland police. we're told he's in grave condition. the shootingis by a baltimore city police department instructor so the big question tonight is why would a live round be used during a training exercise. that was not a question the officials are ready do answer tonight. >> it's a question the new commissioner of baltimore city's police department is asking tonight. how could a live round be fired during a training exercise this afternoon i probably have more questions than you have. it's just going to take time to get those answers to those questions. >> so for now, all baltimore city police department training has been suspended until the commission eer says he gets some answers. >> for me it's unacceptable but we're going to take the
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time to dig to find out so we can make this better. >> the trainee was training with the police department but he works for the universe. hisfamily did not want his name released. she was shot in the front of the head during that training exercise and flown to shock trauma. >> he is stable but any thoughts o' or predictions about long term neurologic outcome at this point are way too early. >> maryland state police are conducting the investigation into this shooting but once again tonight an officer trainee shot in the head and is in grave condition. and baltimore city has suspended all of its police carcinoma cadmy and training operations. . >> as this story dwops, abc2 news will be your source for the latest information.
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. >> another story of a police officer shot, this one at the hands o' of a former cop. christopher dorner has been attacking police officers out in california so stay with us because in eight minutes we're going to take you live to california. >> we have a lot more breaking news to bring you but we're also tracking snow. >> chief meteorologist wyatt everhart has a quick look at potential problems for tomorrow. >> potential for tomorrow evening certainly to have some wintry weather in the mix. temperatures will remain chilly through the day tomorrow. we're watching this approaching storm system. rain showers over if south, the whole thing gets in here after midday tomorrow and tomorrow night as temperatures fall, we could see wintry weather. >> if you can't join us tomorrow at 4:30 follow us on twitter at abc2 news weather. . >> two college park students
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are dead, another in the hospital. >> it started early this morning. police say the suspect dayvon green set small fires in and around the house where he lived. those fires chased his roommates out into the yard. one was killed and the other was shot but survived. >> and that's when he turned the gun on himself cheryl has more. >> we went back back to morgan state university where dayvon green received his degree. according to his family, he suffered from mental illness while atmore gan but a former class mate never saw the signs 23 year old dayvon green was an excellent student and the one that students want withed on his side for team projects. >> he had to go through a lot after leaving morgan to get pushed that far. >> now police in prince george's county say he is the
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gunman who killed one roommate and injured another before killing himself. all three were students at the university of maryland. there was more behind the man who friends remember. >> the family let our detectives know that this suspect had had this condition for at least a year and that in the past he has been prescribed medications for this illness. >> we went to the rosedale neighborhood where his family lived but neighbors asked us to stay away from the family. we don't know green's illness or what medication he was taking. police say the handgun used in the shooting was brought legally there was a fully loaded semiautomatic weapon discovered in a long bag. that bagcontained that weapon, multiple rounds of ammunition, a baseball bat and a machete. >> how he got to brink may
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never be known. green didn'tleave a note describing his thoughts. >> there wasn't anything that made him seem like the kind of person that would hurt people. he wasn't aggressive. he didn'thave problems with rage. youcan't force somebody to tell you what's generally wrong with them inside. >> and now the atf is trying to determine how the shooter brought his guns. in some cases a person with mental illness cannot purchase firearms. . >> cheryl, we k more about one of the victims. steven raen, he was 22 and a senior at college park. his momand stepfather both work for the university. steven was an english major. police are not releasing the name of the other roommate who was shot and wounded. >> imagine what it was like
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for the students on campus hearing gunshots. some were still shaken when we caught up with them. we still don't know what prompted the students but while investigators fry to figure out what happened -- try to figure out what happened, some are trying to figure out why. neighbors describe what they heard and saw early this morning. . >> . >> you know, it sounded like what an assault gun fire would sound like. i ducked in the corner and basically curled up in a ball behind the corner where my closet sticks out from the wall and waited for gun fire to stop. >> when the gun fire stopped chip cob saw the fires the suspect set in the yard and the body of steven rane laying on the porch and he was the first
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person to call 9-1-1. for continuing coverage of this story, stay with and you can also down load our mobile app. >> we have a developing story, a shooting in the randalls county area. we know a person was shot here on st. luke's lane. they were taken to the hospital so stay with o' over night for if latest on this. >> you just heard the president talk about guns in the state of the union. he waited until the last few minutes to talk about the issue. he pushed for more change including background change t. president acknowledged there is no perfect solution. >> our actions will not prevent every senseless act of violence in this country. in fact no laws, no initiatives, no administrative acts will perfectly solve all of the problems i've out lined
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tonight. but we were never sent here to be perfect. we were sent here to make what difference we can. >> and the president also talked about job can say and strengthening the middle class. >> and the reaction was as expected. marco rubio gave the official gop response. rubio'sspeech was peppered with hints of his own history. >> you have a chance this weekend to have your opinions on gun violence heard. it's a bit of a hike from here but representative andy a- harris is holding a town hall meeting saturday in ocean city to talk about gun safety issues. theyplan to talk about gun control measures. >> finding love online is a viable option but it could be
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dangerous. baltimore policebelieve a woman who was found dead in a home fire last week was killed by someone she first met on line. police sayjennifer con yes, sir met the man charged with her murder through an o' online dating service. >> abc2 news is working for you tonight with tips on how to prevebt a -- prevent a tragedy like this t. you need to realize anyone you meet on line a stranger and if you decide to meet up in person, don't go alone. >> do not have the person come to your home. make sure you are in control of the situation, go to a public place. >> even if you've interacted o' over a period of time with a person online, you still don't trul -- truly know them until you meet them in person. >> we want to go back to
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california. >> a massive gun fight with a fugitive pulling the trigger. . >> brandy is live tonight. brandy, authorities have pulled a body from the rubble, correct? . >> you know what, that's what we were told within the last hour according to abc news sources but we've just learned through the lapd that they say no body has been pulled from this cabin. that's theinteresting twist. they sayuntil they go in and can positively identify the person that they believe was involved, they are not identifying them as chris dorner and they say they have not pulled a body from the scene. when you look at the circumstances surrounding today and you see how close this shoot out was from where chris dorner's vehicle was found earlier this weeshgs it a-
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appears the stand off may be over. >> the man hunt for accused cop killer christopher dorner has taken another deadly turn. after a week a person matching the description of chris dorner was in a shot out with the police. >> one of our deputies was injured and one was deceased from injuries. >> authorities say he first held two women hostage in their home including jay hilton's wife. >> he broke in and tied them up and stole the car. they're fine as far as we know. >> one of the hostages untied herself and called 9-1-1 but when deputies caught up to the suspect, he abandoned the stolen car and fled on foot leading to a shoot out. the moments of gun fire were caught on the air during this live report. that'swhen authorities say the
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suspect barricaded himself inside this cabin. swat teams surrounded the home and released this message. >> enough is enough, it's time to terp yourself in. it's timeto stop the bloodshed. it'stime to let this incident be over. >> but dorner promised there would be no negotiating. gunshots were fired and then this blaze engulfed the cabin. >> and again, we just learn moments ago from a news conference that they say a body has not been removed from the home where the shoot took place earlier this evening. however,it's believed there likely may be one inside and that may be christopher dorner. the lapdsay the situation and the home is still a hot zone. the fireis still smolderring so it may be hours before they can
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enter the home. >> thanks brandy. we've hadbreaking news all night long and now we're looking ahead to a deadline of midnight. >> here 's the party that ends at the stroke of 12:00. . >> weather wise continuing to track this lar system coming out of the south. how muchwinter weather might it produce across maryland. we'll have the details straight ahead. >> and tonight, it's meet the parents of jimmy kimmel.
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. >> we're going to try to see if we know anybody still on bourbon street. this is your chance to enjoy mardi gra grass. some ofthese people have been partying it up since 6:00 yesterday morning and at
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midnight it all ends. police shut the place down, ash wednesday starts and so do attempts to sober up. . >> ed reed tweeted this picture of himself out for an appearance. . >> they came back and went back. >> here's a story you'll only see on abc2 news. jimmy kimmelknown for using his family members on his show. they'realways on the show but you never see jimmy's mom or dad. >> stephanie hock ridge from our sister station in phoenix got a chance to meet the parents five nights a week, we turn on the tv and a dark haired super hero is there making us laugh but you won't find bigger jimmy kimmel fans than these. >> do you ever miss. >> no. >> you've never missed a show?
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. >> no. i didn't miss his little league games. >> i'm talking to jimmy kimmel laes parents who couldn't be -- kimmel's parents who couldn't be more in awe of a-their o' son. >> they realized early on that nothing would be out of jimmy's reach. >> he was resiting the pledge of a-allegiance the day before his second birthday. >> joan had him dressed at john kennedy in the middle of the winter. >> no one in the kimmel family had any idea that jimmy one one day reign over the boulevard. >> 35 years later, he would pose again, this time with his own star. >> my parents brought me here to hollywood to visit the hall of fame. i never imagined they would leave me here to fin for
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myself. >> even before jimmy kimmel became the super star we all know and love, he shined brightly. >> i got a phone call saying they were going to test our daughter for genius and jimmy was so proud o' of her and she said you should have that too. they both tested genius. >> there's another thing you would never know about this man. >> he thought he would be an artist and then david letterman came into his life. lettermancreated a new approach to the talk show. >> and that same undeniable love, support, and compassion is what sets apart his show, giving it a heart that's bound to beat strong for years to come. >> that was an awesome story. >> that was stephanie hockridge reporting. despite his genius status, he
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never graduated from college. >> speaking of the show, here's a look at what jimmy's got tonight. >> thanks, tonight chef bobby play is here plus jessica alba is in our kissing booth. lookslike she's ready to make out with strangers. . >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. therewas a clip from the man show, remember that. those were the days. clear tonight, but we are tracking this large system to the south: this is a texas origin storm but it will not have near the pow ir of the blizzard we just dealt with but it will bring the threat for wintery weather. your currentconditions tonight, we're at 39 right now and again, over night temperatures probably in the mid-30s.
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temperatures a little colder north and west, york at 27 but most of us hanging on to the above freezing readings. aswe take an early peak at your high temperatures tomorrow, one of the reasons we think a lot of this won't be much in the way of accumulation is we're talking mostly about rain. it's goingbe a little too warm to have snow initially. as you go south, you'll find the numbers milder so as the showers move in, initially rain showers, changing to snow showers in the evening. right now, just cloudy skies across the state along with a few showers along the border. as we look at our computer model, we bring in the precipitation around 2:00 tomorrow. a shield of running coming up the chesapeake. as wego through tomorrow evening past the evening
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commute, rain changing to snow showers and that can mean slick roads on thursday morning. keep in mind, ground temperatures will be above freezing so it probably won't stick very well if we get anything. pave. should be okay tomorrow but may be a problem early thursday morning. we see what's coming, initially rain. this whole system has been spreading out and really de decentralizing over texas and the deep south so you see two breaks. the heavy rain is toward central south carolina. the whole system, heading our way slowly tomorrow. look forrain showers past midday tomorrow. especially in places like westminster and northern
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harford county. you'll see the change over to snow showers so by late tomorrow evening we could see slick spots especially near the pennsylvania system. this is a new system that comes in and looks like a rain maker friday. clouds increasetomorrow, 45 your two degree guarantee. then we go over to a rain to snow scenario but that's as the whole system is leaving. in the next few days, we moderate the temps through friday and then we bring in friday night showers. again bythe time you get to the end of the period here, we're looking at temperatures back around 50 with partly cloudy skies. iwill say sunday looks cold. wewill get a brief cold front. >> all right. we have much more when we come back. this is so sick!
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. >> i will not go to the bathroom. >> you heard the man. he hasgiven up going to the bathroom until everyone has a toilet. hewas drawing attention to the global water crisis this was matt's first ad for the cause. . >> not only cute, but he's funny too. >> he's a funny guy. >> remember when he hosted with kimmel. >> that was funny.
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>> you got my -- remember the man show. that was funny. youever see that one? . >> i don't think i did. >> must be a man thing. >> hey check this weather maker coming in. we are clear tonight. you are clear for th morning travel. i see this coming in in the afternoon and it's more of a nuisance system but that will create some rain showers tomorrow midday. thursday looks good after maybe a slick morning complut xhoout and then rain friday night. alittle bit of everything here in the out look. there is no mass-produced human.
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lots of break news to keep up with tomorrow. the latest on christopher dorner, the cleng park as well as the cop shooting. right here in shock trauma. all the best to that officer and his family. >> have a great night.
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